Listed below are just some of the consulting clients that we have performed services for, helping them to achieve their goals and gain success:

  • Adult, Child, Family Counseling – Dublin, Va.
  • Fruitful Seasons – Pulaski, Va.
  • Health Planning Agency – Pulaski, Va.
  • Professional Technical Services – Richmond, Va.
  • Pulaski Community Hospital – Pulaski, Va.
  • Ryan Trucking – Christiansburg, Va.
  • SunLit Surf Internet Services – Princeton, WV.
  • U.S. Army Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Enterprise Systems and Services (USALTESS) – Radford, Va.
  • Universal Hi-Tech Development – Rockville, Md.
  • Virginia Fence Builders – Dublin, Va.
  • WESCO Power – Christiansburg, Va.


And here we have some of the web sites that we have developed over the years, this is just a small example of our work!

 Aaron Sword dot com – This is the website for the writer, musician and poet of the same name.

 Anita Skeens Caldwell for Senate – This was the official website for the West Virginia State Senator, Anita Skeens Caldwell. We did the site for the 2000 election. A great lady and a great politician.

 Athens Food Co-Op – Local area food Co-Op organization in West Virginia

 Bluefield College of Evangelism – A nice college studying very important things, not to mention a great bunch to work with!

 Brewster, Morhous, Cameron, Mullins, Caruth, Moore, Kersey & Stafford, PLLC – West Virginia based Law firm.

 Browncoat Boards – This is a forum or bulletin board system (BBS) for fans of the Sci-Fi television show Firefly and related movie Serenity.

 Captain Howdy and the Spam Rangers – A local area Rock and Roll band. These guys are great and great to work with.

 daBoneyard – This is the website that accompanies the EQEmu server of the same name. It provides information and support for the players of the game that play on that server.

 Eagle Consulting Services – A local to West Virginia Human Resources consulting firm and empowerment broker, with a reach all across the country. This company has worked with the Cattle Men of America even, you know, the Beef, it’s whats for dinner people. Great company and wonderful personnel.

 Eden Rock Motel – A nice local West Virginia Motel, plus a computer store!

 Elgood Mountain – West Virginia Crafts, Garden Herbs and veggies. These people have a lot to offer.

 Golf Made Simply – A local West Virginia golf pro shows you how to make the grade.

 Jordan Realty – This is a local Real Estate company in Elkins, West Virginia, that are great to work with and have some really nice property to offer.

 The Iron & Steel Division – A great Half-Life / Day Of Defeat team!

 Lt’s Cards and Collectables – Sports Memorobelia, Golf clubs, balls, and accessories. Whatever you want, this guy has it for sale!

 Martin’s Backhoe Service – West Virginia contractor and all around nice guy.

 MarysTruck – A transportation company out of Troy, Alabama. Nice people, nice company, and a nice site. We did a bunch of custom programming on this one.

 Mount Bethel United Methodist Church – Wonderful church in Martinsville, Henry County area.

 MYfilesanywhere – This is the main site for the MYfilesanywhere service that provides web based file management and access to one’s files from anywhere in the world.

 MYfilesanywhere File Manager – This is the file manager that users use to upload, download and generally manager their files when using the MYfilesanywhere service.

 NutWithAGun – This is a great site for firearm enthusiasts. These guys have information, links, stories, news, you name it, they have it, if it has to do with firearms … and if they don’t have it, it will probably be added soon!

 Plan9 Alien Research – Local area group that is helping to search the skies for signs of intelligent life through the SETI at Home project.

 Port Monster – A very nice computer security product developed by Zing Software. It’s a Port Scanner, Port Monitor, and Firewall all in one. We use it and rely on it every day.

 Pulaski Community Hospital – Columbia affiliated hospital in Pulaski, Va.

 Retire To Four Seasons Country – A site dedicated to promoting retirement planning and living in the Four Seasons Country.

 The SAAVD World Website – This is the main site for the SAAVD world, where all content, stories, utilities and more are hosted.  WebMedia Designs has worked extensively with the writers and developers of the SAAVD world in building this site.

 SAAVD Dev Blog – This is the blog for the developers and writers that are creating the world of SAAVD.

 Solarum dot com – This is a site dedicated to sharing information and providing technical support. Whether it’s UNIX, Linux, Windows, coding, Internet or anything in between, they can help.

 Sunlit’s Half-Life of Horrors – A web site dedicated to the players and fans of the SunLit Half-Life Of Horrors game servers. These are a great bunch of people.

 SunLit Surf Internet Services – Local ISP covering Virginia and West Virginia.

 West Virginia Vietnam Veterans Foundation – Veterans foundation in West Virginia, helping all Veterans as we should.

 WooleySwamp.com Music – Local area musicians portal. Here everyone can share information and resources.

 The WordPress Theme Archive – This is an archive of WordPress themes. There are over 1,600 themes available and they are all free to browse, download and use. This site is maintained and hosted by WebMedia Designs.

 Word Welders – This website is used by three New River Valley authors to share stories, news, poetry and more.  Great site.

 Zing Software – A talented software company based in Virginia. Lots of great products for free.